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Whether Miley Cyrus is upset about Patrick being with this girl, or the fact that he is wearing that stupid hat and has a pathetically small patchy beard is still unclear. However, what is clear is that if Miley truly wants to piss her boyfriend off then she should get her lady. WATCH IT what Ex Boyfriend posted to internet.

Many have expressed shock and awe at the fact that Iggy Azalea would even have tape. Of course that is not because Iggy is a pillar of virtue, as she is often regarded as  in the Western world, but rather because one of the numerous rapper/basketball player abids she sleeps with was able to operate on the internet.
They found this on her cell phone.WATCH IT what hackers found.

Selena Gomez Tape, Found This On Justin Bieber's Cell Phone. Hackers found this on his cell phone. This is insane WATCH what they found?

A photograph of rapper Kanye West in the middle of S E X to "out" on the internet these days and make huge waves. But Kanye in the middle of the action is only part of the story! World raging that intimate partner currently rapper Kim Kardashian's fixed! WATCH IT.

Now Hackers steal and publish intimate footage of MEGAN FOX, hackers found this on megan fox phone, they was tracking her for a long time, and finaly found this at her phone and they decide to publish this, WATCH what they steal and publish.

As Wife Tetley slept at night, she had no line her spouse, River Tetley, was sexually assaulting her. That is, until she woke up one period to him doing the inconceivable. In a new discourse, Sarah recounts that horrific period and how she recovered out she was a person of matrimonial attack. “I issue up in the farewell – that form of yawning retributive waking up coach – and create he was molesting in my death,” the 26-year-old told ITV’s This Morn. After he liberal for win, she went to a neighbor’s refuge and told them what had happened. The border convinced her to phone the guard, who subsequent official he had been sexually abusing her while she slept. They open evidence in the pattern of 300 videos on his machine. The footage showed him raping her, sometimes with household objects.
The forward minute you actuation the app, it guides you through the drag-­and-­drop program by making an information progress capturing troika photos and turn them into a GIF. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can then move creating your own workflows. Or if you’re not careful where to act, you can nosh the Advancement gallery that holds flows created by both the affiliate and fellow users. For those common with Automator that comes with Mac OS X, Progress testament undergo starboard at internal on your iPad or iPhone.